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Media Advertising Stage rental Video conferencing Road traffic Gym

Road traffic

time:2021-03-05 Views:241

Freeway speed limit, road signs, guidelines and other information are released.

Program features: high brightness, can clearly display road condition information under the direct sunlight of hundreds of meters, poor visibility and rain, can be high-brightness DIP346 package LED.

Point-by-point detection can be implemented, and the operation of the large screen can be checked in the office;

Remote or wireless information distribution can be implemented;

Intelligent control of power-on, brightness, temperature, humidity and other information;

The screen is equipped with intelligent control system, which realizes automatic processing and release of road condition information, automatic brightness control, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity, automatic monitoring and alarm of operation status, and truly achieves unattended and safe operation around the clock;

The screen has a built-in lightning protection device to prevent the display from being burnt due to lightning strikes;

The screen has a photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to changes in indoor and outdoor light, which does not affect the driver's normal driving, but also saves energy and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating costs;

Protection level IP65 or above, double back door design.

Application ranges:

    Highway, traffic sign

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Indoor HD screen, indoor, full color, 3 meters, wall-mounted, 4*2 meters

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