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About us

Company profile Structure Honor Company outlook

Company profile

Shenzhen LDSEN Technology Co., Ltd. (“LDSEN”) has a highly skilled expert team. While consolidating the original standardized products, it is committed to LED outdoor Mesh display, indoor glass transparent screen and flexible. The development, production and sales of LED displays fully meet the individual needs of the market. With keen market insight, advanced design and application concepts, excellent marketing capabilities, high-quality and faster business platform and marketing network, we are stepping into the ranks of brand enterprises.

Shenzhen LDSEN Technology Co., Ltd. has a modern R&D base and production workshop, and has world-class advanced equipment to realize the full automation of the process from plug-in, SMD, glue filling to assembly and aging. The company's main person in charge and engineering and technical research and development personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the LED industry, with a professional high-level research and development and management team, focusing on the development of LED core technology and independent innovation of new LED products.

LDSEN continues to innovate, and will achieve the ultimate in “transparent”, “thin”, “light”, "economic"“stable” and “smart”, creating the best quality products and providing the most professional services for domestic and foreign customers. We believe that through our continuous efforts, LDSEN products can better help your brand and business, increase added value, make you more competitive, and strive to create a win-win situation with customers.

Corporate purposes:

“Providing the most competitive products and achieving win-win development with sincere service from beginning to end”

Business philosophy:

Technology Leadership Lean Innovation Scientific Management Customer Satisfaction Focus on new processes, new technologies and new equipment, continue to innovate and lead the industry;

Reduce waste of resources and provide customers with the best solutions with sophisticated core technologies;
Establish an effective quality control system and a scientific management model, with full participation and continuous improvement;

Efficiently provide products and services that satisfy customers and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Company culture:

Coupling innovation Ender

Enterprise product core competitiveness:

“transparent”, “thin”, “light”, “economic”, “stable”, “smart”


Demand information

Indoor HD screen, indoor, full color, 3 meters, wall-mounted, 4*2 meters

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Door head screen

Information notice screen

Indoor HD screen

Stage screen

Outdoor advertising screen

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Single column

Double column type

Suspended ceiling



Roof support

F frame


Car mobile

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<2 meters

2 meters

3 meters

4 meters

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7 meters

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9 meters

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