Indoor LED display Outdoor LED display

Outdoor grille screen

Excellent effect: using dynamic scanning technology, the picture is stable, without noise, the image effect is clear, and the animation effect is vivid

P3 Beautiful outdoor screen

Excellent display, complete high-definition picture quality

Rental screen

The ultimate experience brought by technological breakthroughs,portable and durable,cost effective choice

High brush indoor screen

Solve the problem of uneven engineering hemming process, so that customers can save worry and effort

LED small pitch display


Ultra-small pitch, high pixel density,
perfect playback of 4K HD video

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Provide you with professional industry solutions

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Advertising Media Solutions

As a new type of media promotion method, LED advertising screen has become a new force in the advertising media industry. It needs to have the characteristics of high-definition, high-brightness, bright colors, bright main body, novel design, and synchronous image playback. It can stand out from the massive advertising information, inadvertently give the audience visual stimulation and grab the audience's attention, thus completing the cross-media and multi-format communication of news information products, giving readers a more diverse information experience in the digital age. Realize the advertising needs of the brand owner and achieve the ideal brand promotion effect.

Stage Rental Solutions

With the gradual deepening of digitization, networking, and informatization in the radio and television industry, the transformation of analog signals to digital signals, the application of high-definition digital display, intelligent monitoring and other applications has become increasingly widespread, bringing changes to the traditional virtual studio. With the help of unparalleled color, suitable color saturation, sharp picture, full digital processing mode and mature and stable technology, the small-pitch LED display technology has become the "darling" of the new generation of studios.

Video Conference Solutions

The conference room is mainly used to meet the daily meetings of government and enterprises, with the purpose of realizing timely communication and efficient operation. Among them, the conference display equipment is one of the necessary means to improve work efficiency. It is responsible for collecting more than 60% of the information we perceive, which is very important. important. However, traditional projection applications have the disadvantages of low brightness, limited viewing angle, blurred imaging, and high requirements for applicable environments, and have not achieved the maximum value of the conference.

The Traffic Solutions

Expressway speed limits, road signs, guidelines and other information are released. Program features: High brightness, it can still clearly display road condition information in rainy and foggy weather with poor visibility and direct sunlight hundreds of meters away. The function of point-by-point detection can be realized, and the working condition of the large screen can be checked in the office; Remote or wireless information release can be achieved; Intelligent control of power on and off, brightness, temperature, humidity and other information; The screen is equipped with an intelligent control system, which realizes automatic processing and publishing of road condition information, automatic brightness control, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity, automatic monitoring and alarming of operating conditions, and truly achieves unattended safe operation around the clock; The screen has a built-in lightning protection device to prevent the display screen from being burnt due to being struck by lightning; The screen has a photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the changes of indoor and outdoor light, which will not affect the normal driving of the driver, and save energy and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating costs; The protection level is IP65 or above, and the double rear door is designed.

Gym Solutions

Based on the cutting-edge small-pitch display technology, the LED seamless high-definition display technology is combined with the video conference monitoring fusion system to launch a new series of small-pitch products. With high-definition seamless display terminals, flexible and economical display sizes, audio and video integration, The advantages of flexibly splitting and combining screens ensure that decisions and orders of all parties can be quickly and steadily communicated, executed and fed back, thereby ensuring the coordination and efficiency of the entire organization.


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