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Outdoor LED display advertising media become the new darling!

time:2021-03-04 Views:259

With its unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision and large-area interaction, outdoor LED displays are becoming more and more popular with advertisers and audiences, and their radiation range is gradually expanding from first-tier and second-tier cities in the north to third-tier cities. city. The fourth-tier cities have expanded. There is no doubt that the outdoor LED advertising media market has become a blue ocean market for current LED display companies, especially the changes in various new technologies and new ideas, which have brought more possibilities to it. And when the large outdoor full-color LED display hits people's "whimsical" advertisements, it is really amazing!

Digital blessing, more flexible transmission method

With the large-scale successful deployment of digital outdoor networks and continuous breakthroughs in LED display technology, as well as the addition of new technologies and new technologies such as live broadcast, multi-screen playback, encapsulated screens and interaction, it has flexibly met the needs of multi-faceted outdoor large screens. The demand makes up for the shortcomings of the monotony and simple operation of traditional outdoor media appeals. Touchable small-pitch LED, better interactive experience

Not only that, many screen companies' outdoor display products have also begun to favor interactive technology. Recently, screen companies in various industries have launched a writable and touchable core small-pitch LED screen system, which uses infrared scanning multi-point technology to achieve multi-point smooth touch effects, and can be customized and effective according to the actual needs of users The touch area. In the field of big screens, a new experience of "human-computer interaction" has been opened.

Outdoor advertising has surpassed the era of one-way communication. How to make the audience a part of the interaction has always been the subject of current outdoor LED advertising screen development research, as well as the direction of LED display enterprise technology, product and solution innovation. In terms of content dissemination, the integration of flexible creativity and a variety of innovative methods in the future may become the mainstream development direction of LED.

At present, the outdoor LED display is in the development of vents. We should also seize this historical opportunity, hoping that the outdoor LED display can become a symbol of the beautiful scenery and urban culture of the city. It is even a key node of the city's cultural heritage, not a stumbling block.

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